Once the deposition has begun, the preparation period is over and the deposing lawyer is entitled to pursue the chosen line of inquiry without interjection by the witness’s counsel. Private conferences are barred during the deposition

The purpose underlying the rule of partial disclosure is one of fairness to discourage the use of the privilege as a litigation weapon

Contention Interrogatories Do Not Need to Be Responded to Until Discovery Closes

An oral promise to pay the debt of a business entity may be enforceable even if it is not in writing. 

Websites and Domain Names Can be Garnished or be Subject to Levy by a Creditor

A contract warranty disclaimer is not automatically enforceable

Fraud must be pleaded with specificity

A Motion to Dismiss is Not a Responsive Pleading

A Court Cannot Itemize a Jury’s Special Verdict Findings

Good Faith and Fair Dealing is a Obligation Arising Under Minnesota Law

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