Business Law

How to plead the elements of the following claims in Minnesota: fraud, mistake, capacity to contract, ratification, covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and violation of the uniform deceptive trade practices act, unjust enrichment, and reckless misrepresentation.

A statute usually determines whether personal property becomes a fixture on realty

Unless protected by patent or copyright, functional product features may be copied freely by competitors

A distributor can be terminated by its supplier if the supplier does not approve of an asset sale

A successor entity may owe the federal government taxes

Courts have the inherent power and under rule 37 to sanction parties for not complying with discovery orders

If a contract authorizes an award of attorneys’ fees, the right to a jury trial is required under Minnesota law

In Federal Court, a prevailing party has 14 days to request costs and attorneys’ fees from the date of judgment

Contention Interrogatories Do Not Need to Be Responded to Until Discovery Closes

An oral promise to pay the debt of a business entity may be enforceable even if it is not in writing. 

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