Contract Law

Successor liability may prevent a buyer from terminating a contractual relationship

A lost volume seller can demonstrate that it can prove damages for multiple lost contracts

Can I terminate my contract immediately?

At will contracts still must be terminated by providing reasonable notice.

Injunctions are effective immediately even if a bond has not yet been posted.

To prevail on a Minnesota Unlawful Trade Practice Claim under Minn. Stat. 325d.09 one must establish the following factors

A guarantor is a “favorite” of the law, and a creditor’s claim against a guarantor is strictly construed. More specifically, a guarantor’s obligation should not be extended by implication beyond the written terms of the guaranty, and any ambiguity must be construed in favor of the guarantor.

A personal guaranty is construed the same as any other contract, the intent of the parties being derived from the commonly accepted meaning of the words and clauses used, taken as a whole

Bill of lading is a contract of carriage and is governed by principles of contract interpretation

Apparent authority to do an act is created as to a third person when a principal’s conduct, reasonably interpreted, `causes the third person to believe that the principal consents to have the act done on his behalf by the person purporting to act for him.

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