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Minnesota Bans Most Covenants Not to Compete

Tortious intrusion upon seclusion is a tort that can arise when someone pretends to be someone else to gain access to private information

Can I terminate my contract immediately?

valid noncompete agreements are upheld but if they are unreasonable they are not

Employers must defend and indemnify employees when he acts within the scope of his duties

Employers can sue employees who misuse protected information under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Employers have a duty to tell an employee under certain circumstances that employee may note be eligible for unemployment benefits

Minnesota contract law provides that: although disfavored, noncompete agreements are enforced when reasonable and supported by adequate consideration.

Minnesota employment law allows an employee to claim negligent infliction of emotional distress under certain circumstances

A legitimate nondiscriminatory reason for an employees discipline suspension and termination trumps claims of discrimination.

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