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Starting a Business

Clarence Kuhn We can help you set up a business structure that is right for you. Whether it’s an LLC, LLP, Corporation or other small business organization, we can use our knowledge of Minnesota law to advise you about what works best. We can help you file paperwork with the proper state agencies, assist you in licensing matters, and advise you about commercial leases and commercial real estate.

Debtor and Creditor Rights

The two primary claims for a plaintiff in a collection action are breach of contract and account stated. Your written agreements, oral agreements, statements of work or purchase orders should contain a provision for interest and attorneys’ fees in the event a collection action becomes necessary.  Defendants have certain defenses, such as statute of limitations, and statute of frauds.

Business Litigation

We represent both Plaintiffs and Defendants throughout Minnesota’s district courts, Minnesota’s federal court, and in arbitration.

If you are a Defendant, you know that being served with a lawsuit can be a very stressful event. You need to take stock of your situation and evaluate your options before the situation gets out of control. Generally, you must answer or otherwise plead within 20 days of having been served with the complaint. Failure to address the complaint may result in a default judgment being entered against you. You cannot ignore a lawsuit.

If you are a Plaintiff, you understand that sometimes contracts are breached, customers don’t pay, or you’ve been defrauded. There are time limits on these types of actions, so you should act sooner rather than later.

Keep in mind that every business dispute does not have to end up in a lawsuit, and a lawsuit should never be your first action. Lawsuits are expensive and time consuming for both sides, so you need to examine other options such as mediation or arbitration when feasible.