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About Clarence "C.J." Kuhn

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My name is Clarence “C.J.” Kuhn and I have decades of business experience. I’ve litigated eight (8) figure business disputes and have, over the years, resolved hundreds of them. Some of the disputes were resolved in mediation, others in state and federal courts and still others in arbitration. Also, I’ve been lead counsel in eight (8) figure business refinancings, sales and acquisitions but routinely handle transactions for smaller matters.

I have represented some of the largest companies in the U.S., but typically represent small to medium-sized businesses and individuals in business-related disputes and executive employment matters.

I have appeared before various appellate courts and my landmark victory before the Minnesota Supreme Court in Sprinkler Warehouse, Inc. v. Systematic Rain, Inc., d/b/a, et al., 880 N.W.2d 16 (Minn. 2016), was heralded as one of the “Top Ten” most significant trademark cases in America. Stephen McJohn, Top Tens in 2015: Patent and Trademark Cases, 14 NW. J. TECH. & INTELL. PROP. 285, 297 (2017).

C.J.'s Achievements and Background

Passion for the Outdoors and Family Life

C.J. has been named a 2006 Super Lawyer Rising Star by Law & Politics Magazine – only 2.5% of Minnesota attorneys are selected for this honor.

Notable Achievements

Representative Cases and Accomplishments

Before founding my firm, I was an attorney with a prestigious and nationally renowned law firm ranked by Chambers and Partners as the No. 1 law firm in the U.S. with a specialty in complex litigation. Some examples of my representative cases include the following disputes:
  • Successful defense of clients alleged to have delivered defective products:  Gedney Foods Company vMexico Fresh, Inc., 0:18-cv-02234 (D. Minn. 2019);

  • $4,000,000 breach of contract judgment enforcement: RD Legal Funding Partners, LP vs. Williams et al., 27-CV-15-2363 (Minn. Henn. Cty. 2015);

  • $1,800,000 judgment enforcement: First National Bank of Florida vs. Kolorida Partners, WC1, LLC et al., 02-CV-10-2843 (Minn. Anoka Cty. 2010);

  • $1,500,000 defense of an alleged debtor: Gelco Corp. vs. Peak Aviation et al., 27-CV-08-12022 (Minn. Henn. Cty. 2008);

  • $700,000 defense of various franchise related claims: Farrell vs. Pet Care Inc., 27-CV-10-10177 (Minn. Henn. Cty. 2010);

  • $600,000 defense of a client accused of breaching a contract: Bach vs. Life Mortgage Group, LLC, 02-CV-09-6740 (Minn. Anoka Cty. 2009);

  • $569,000 judgment enforcement: Hetcher vs. Harder, 34-CV-15-22 (Minn. Kandiyohi Cty. 2015);

  • $550,000 breach of contract judgment: Airola vs. Ross et al., 82-CV-11-221 (Minn. Washington Cty. 2011);

  • $400,000 breach of contract judgment: Menno GP LLC vs. Carlson, 27-CV-11-3894 (Minn. Henn. Cty. 2011);

  • $300,000 claim for a trade secret violation: Midwest Home Office Inc vs. Koland, 27-CV-10-25094 (Minn. Henn. Cty. 2010);

  • Defense of alleged debtor: Boogie Wonderland vs. Joyce, 27-CV-07-1637 (Minn. Henn. Cty. 2007);

  • $300,000 breach of contract judgment: Empire Advisors, Inc. vs. Dreesway et al., 19HA-CV-09-6291 (Minn. Dakota Cty. 2009)

  • $150,000 judgment against a defendant who breached the parties’ contract: Smith vs. Beter, 66-CV-08-2787 (Minn. Rice Cty. 2008);

  • $106,000 summary judgment against former tenant who breached parties’ lease agreement: Oak Hill 7100 vs. Kenwood Chiropractic Arts, P.A., 27-CV-18-18308 (Minn. Henn. Cty. 2019);

  • $61,000 breach of contract judgment: Draught Technologies, Inc. vs. MLO Appliance Company LLC, 27-CV-08-26748 (Minn. Henn. Cty. 2008);

  • $49,000 securities act judgment: Reese vs. Workman, 27-CV-14-8964 (Minn. Henn. Cty. 2014);

  • $48,000 judgment enforcement: American Brokerage Services vs. Cox, 27-CV-10-23920 (Minn. Henn. Cty. 2010);

  • $45,000 judgment enforcement: Diamond Crush Jewelry Inc. vs. Taylor James, Inc., 62-CV-12-2079 (Minn. Ramsey Cty. 2013);

  • $31,000 judgment enforcement: Wartman vs. Acunto, 62-CV-12-2079 (Minn. Henn. Cty. 2012);

  • $24,000 judgment against debtor: Hard Rock Cafe International (USA), Inc. vs. Manumaleuna, 27-CV-18-10343 (Minn. Henn. Cty. 2018)

  • $18,000 breach of contract judgment: Burke vs. Hodgins et al., 62-CV-08-8744 (Minn. Ramsey Cty. 2008);

  • Successfully brought and defended various motions for temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions; and

  • Successfully litigated and/or settled many other matters.

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